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Fine portraits on coins of Alexandria are rare enough to make it worth while to call attention of readers of this Journal to the unusually well-preserved bronze of Domitia Longina, the wife of Domitian, which has recently been acquired by the British Museum. It was formerly in the collection of Mr. F. A. Walters*. The inscriptions are, on the obverse: ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑ CΕΒ ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑΝΟΥ ΚΑΙCΑΡΟCCΕΒ ΓΕΡΜ ; on the reverse ΕΙΡΗΝΗ CΕΒΑCΤΗ and in the left field LΙΑ. The reverse type is Eirene, standing l., holding in her l. hand a caduceus and the fold of her robe, in her r. hand an olive-branch. The coin measures 26 mm., weighs 10.48 gm., and has a very fair greenish gray patina. A similar specimen (to judge by the illustration in very poor state) is in the Dattari Collection*. A similar reverse type, with the same inscription and date, is also associated with the head of the Emperor himself*.

Among the coins of this year is another representing Domitia, this time seated, in the guise of Euthenia, holding ears of corn and sceptre. On an ill-preserved specimen in the British Museum, Poole gave the inscripition of the reverse as [ΕΥΘΗΝΙΑ?] CΕΒΑCΤΗ. But a better example illustrated by Dattari shows that we should read ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑ CΕΒΑCΤΗ*.

The eleventh year of Domitian (91-92 A.D.) was marked by a great outburst of coinage at Alexandria. Out of the 186 bronze coins of the Emperor and Empress which Dattari gives in his Catalogue, no less than 59 are of this year. Further, in the tenth and eleventh years, the old types are for the most part discarded, and new ones introduced. Mr. Milne obvserves that the most remarkable point about the bronze coinage of years 10-12 of Domitian at Alexandria is the change in style: there is a sudden break, with a great improvement both in art and fabric. Domitian is called in year 11, for the first time, Θεου υιος. All this, as others have seen, points to some connexion with the Decennalia of the Emperor*.



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