Coins of Roman Egypt
Greek Dates


Works on Alexandrian Coinage
The Economic Crisis Under Nero - H.I. Bell
The Coinage of Roman Egypt: A Survey - Col. James Curtis
Monnaies des Nomes - F. Feuardent
An Unpublished Alexandrian Coin of Augustus - K. Emmett
Historia Numorum - Roman Egypt & The Nomes - Barclay Head
An Alexandrian Coin of Domitia - G.F. Hill
The Reign of Aemelian - H. Mattingly
The Alexandrian Coinage of Augustus - J.G. Milne
The Coins of Oxyrhynchus - J.G. Milne
The Roman Coinage of Alexandria - J.G. Milne
The Shops of the Roman Mint of Alexandria - J.G. Milne
Some Alexandrian Coins - J.G. Milne
The Nomes of Egypt - W.M. Flinders Petrie
BMC Greek - Alexandria and the Nomes - Introduction - R.S. Poole
Alexandrian Coinage Plates
Basel Münzhandlung Auction 6
BMC Greek - Alexandria and the Nomes
NFA Fall 1991 Mail Bid Sale
Maps of Ancient Egypt
Ægyptus Antiqua - D'Anville 1758 (350 k)
The 20 Nomes of Lower Egypt - De Rouge (300 k)
Ægyptus Antiqua - Jansson, after Ortelius 1652-1684 (680 k)
Ancient Egypt - G. Long 1831 (500 k)
Ægyptus Antiqua - Ortelius 1584 (680 k)
Bust of Sarapis
Bust of Ammon
Bust of Isis Tyche
Pediment with bust of Helios
Bust of Nero
Bust of Caracalla
Port (?) of Alexandria
Magic Gems
Typical Greco Egyptian magic gem
Sarapis seated
Lion standing right, star above
Barge with Harpokrates
Barge with Osiris

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