Coins of Roman Egypt
Greek Dates

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Roman Egyptian Coins

House of Ptolemy
Links related to Alexandrian coinage, as well as information on the Ptolemys and the city itself.

Michael Mihalka's Alexandrian coins
A great collection, featuring several unlisted types for Gordian III.

Alexandrian coins in the Wildwinds database

It's not just for Romans anymore! The Wildwinds coin database is a great resource for Greek and Byzantine coins as well.

Alexandrian coins of Hadrian at
Many examples of Hadrian's Alexandrian issues, with all denominations represented. Fantastic articles on Celtic coinage as well.

Alexandrinische Münzen
A German language website with an extensive bibliography of
works on Alexandrian coins

Frequency tables for Alexandrian coinage
A site which charts the frequency of Alexandrian coins appearing on
the market. Also an image gallery describing many reverse types.

Alexandrian Coins of the Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club
Art Noot presents some of the Alexandrian coins in his collection, and others in the Twin Cities Ancient Coin Club. All high quality with some
seldom seen coins. Take a look!

Ed Flinn's Alexandrian Collection
More people should follow Ed's example and post their collections online.
Some really interesting coins here.


Alexandrian History

Alexandria, Egypt
Features the history of Alexandria with many pictures of its monuments, both ancient and modern.


Discussion Groups

Ancient Coin Market / ACM-L
A newslist for buying and selling ancient coins.

A forum for discussion and commerce related to ancient coin collecting

This list is dedicated to the joys of ancient coin collecting





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