Coins of Roman Egypt
Greek Dates

Obv.: Ouroboros enclosing cock-headed, snake-legged god, with a military tunic, kilt, shield, and whip.
Inscrip.: (on shield) iaêio uôêiê êôiii; (above shield) Michaêl Rephaêl Gabriêl Ouriêl; (over whip) aieê; (below whip) sêmea kenteu konteu kengeu kêrideu darunkô lukuêxi; (under the snake legs) semeseilam lathramaphta iô iô iô iê iê iê iiiiiiiiiiii aêaêaê aaaiai eiô; (lower margin) psinôtherthernô.
Rev.: Eagle-headed god wearing only an apron, calathus on head, six wings, bird tail. In its hands, Egyptian sa amulets.
Inscrip.: asasam adouram.
Bevel: Seven scarab beetles, a star, a cynocephalus, a crocodile, and several obscure figures.
Purchased in Egypt
Green jasper
Bibl.: C. Bonner, Studies, no. 172.
Kelsey Museum 26054

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