Coins of Roman Egypt
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Æ dichalkon (6/7 A.D.)

Emmett 45(36)

Diameter: 11 mm  
Weight: .85 g Die Axis: 12:00

Obverse: Crescent with tips upward
Laureate head right

Reverse: ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟV around date Λς.
Note: This is the only known coin dated year 36 for any emperor. See Keith Emmett's article on this coin in the August '03 issue of the Celator.

Æ 20 drachm

Milne 9 Dattari 8

Diameter: 13 mm Emmett 16
Weight: 2.19 g Die Axis: 12:00

Obverse: ΚΑΙ ΣΑΡ
Laureate head right

Reverse: Crescent and star, ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ around.

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