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Commodus (180-192 A.D.)
Billon tetradrachm year 30 (189/190 A.D.) Curtis 839 Milne 2691
Diameter: 23 mm Dattari 3879 Emmett 2554(30)
Weight: 11.06 g Die Axis: 12:00
Obverse: Μ   Α   ΚΟΜ   ΑΝΤω      CΕΒ   ΕΥCΕΒ
Laureate head right

Reverse: Pronoia standing left, radiate. Right hand raised, sceptre in left hand.
ΠΡ  Ο ΝΟΙΑ. In field, L Λ.

NOTE: Commodus continued the regnal dating of his father, Marcus Aurelius, thus this coin is dated year 30.


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